Memories of Laika

What is this?

Memories of Laika is an experiment in interactive narratives. First conceived in February 2016, the concept was inspired by a desire to test the potential of branching narratives and a fascination with space history.

The story follows a girl, Natalie "Nat" Porter, following the death of her childhood friend Lyla. Shortly before Lyla's diagnosis, she tells Natalie about a recurring dream about a dog in a space ship, sparking a promise to go to space someday to find the mystery dog. Lyla's death puts Natalie onto a few paths.

At present, there is currently a twenty-six page comic from 2017, and an interactive story created with Ink which can be played on this site. Currently, the game has a total of seven endings players can unlock, with two additional "sub-endings" depending on certain choices being made.

The project is far from over however. In the future, this will be a game complete with graphics and far more choices. Beyond that, the true ending has yet to be revealed...

Adrienne Apple is a writer, artist and programmer. To contact Adrienne about the game, please send an email to